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Copper Bangles New Shop Table

More copper bangle bracelets on the make! Sold them all this summer and ramping up for Christmas! Wow, lots of copper.

New bench and metal filing cabinet for my workshop really cleaned things up. Thank you to my local bank that sold me these cabinets when they went paperless …. I’ve been stalking them for a few years telling them I wanted them. The cabinets are on nice big casters and waist height – perfect for working on the top and storing things inside.

Been a little swamped so I’m playing catch up on production. It’s the season! Here we go!





Pencil Coral


Pencil Coral Fossil Earrings Made this morning! Over 3 inches long, fun. They look like little sculptures in your ears. Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/105150271/pencil-coral-fossil-stone-sterling



Roni’s pendant is finished. These pictures are not that great because I did not spend a lot of time on taking them but wanted to post them. Why? Well this is recycling at it’s best! The customer had the stone… The customer had a gold bracelet she never wore. I made her something she will wear from what was lying around in her jewelry box. It saved her money…. and made me money. It’s a win + win.

Stacking Rings and Things….

Sculpture Rings Stacking Bands…. had a favorite customer of mine wondering where my stacking rings went too at my last show (had a bunch last year with gemstones in them)… I told her, ‘I have them! They just are not done.’ Well, now they are done! Take a look.

Garnet in Shist Ring: Modern for Guy or Girl

Last but not least… ‘My Lucky Penny’ pendant. I made this for myself. I found the penny one day on the ground. My husband was standing next to me and I said, ‘Hey, it’s from 1959.’ He said, ‘Hey, that’s the year I was born. That IS your lucky penny.’ We both laughed at his sarcasm! Because he said it in such a devilish way. Ever since I have had the penny in my jewelry box and decided to do something about it. I can now wear it and might even spice it up a bit with some other charms… We will see. If you want a Lucky Penny Pendant just send me your penny!

Also Roni’s pendant is done. The 14K gold accents are perfect. Get a picture up tomorrow night. Made some fossilized earrings that are very cool so those are to come next. Got a show on Sunday: Art In The Park in Appleton WI. Saturday is a torch demo at The Flying Pig Gallery. They are have a Plein Air event. Come to either if you can! I gotta go to bed…. jeez way past my bedtime.


Necklace for Lin

This is the beginning pendant for a customer who like another piece of mine but it was a little on the large size for her so she asked if I could do something similar and down size it a bit. This is the start of if. It will be prong set with the set of U shape pieces of silver you see in the photo. I cut the U shapes after they are soldered on to make the prongs.

Earrings Done

These are gorgeous and simple… The topaz set is even sweeter being slightly smaller… Here is the links to them online:¬†https://www.etsy.com/listing/97788174/hammered-circle-amethyst-briolette?listing_id=97788174&listing_slug=hammered-circle-amethyst-briolette

Pouring Silver Ingot

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I poured two silver ingots today that I will roll through the rolling mill for stock. I have two different projects for these ingots. A man’s wedding ring and another custom order pendant. My ‘sheet’ ingot I did first and then a ‘tube’ ingot that will be a ring shank. They turned out fine, the tube being better than the sheet but it’s all good anyway. Your ingot mold which is the iron piece with the clamp needs to be warm when you pour so I have it on a hot plate and warm it with a torch. I showed a hand held propane torch like what a plumber would use but it takes forever to heat up your metal……. 15 minutes or more…. Oxygen added to your torch is much hotter and faster. In the summer I do this outside with a really big torch over some concrete or gravel. I hate doing it in the house, too much heat for my comfort zone…..

Why do this??? Well, it’s a 100% return on your investment of metal. You are not sending it out to a refiner and then ordering more ‘stock’ paying for shipping and getting at least a 25% whack in your pocket book for newly fabricated stock. It also only take a minute, very easy. Sorry I could not show you actually pouring the metal in the mold. You need two hands, and to pay attention. Once you get the metal to a completely molten state you need to keep the torch on it as you pour it into the mold. Obviously wear eye protection, a mask and leather gloves when you touch the mold after it’s all done. Enjoy your metal ingots for whatever they will be used for or just stack them in a pile like the Queen.

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