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Monster Size Bezel

This bezel is huge for a huge stone. It was very time consuming to make just the bezel. It’s 20G sterling so it does not move very easily and the heat to solder the piece together was WOW! Hot!

When you are working with metal of this size make sure everything is annealed often. If I tried to solder this bezel to the back plate and did not anneal it first (heating it and cooling it so it’s soft) it would move as I heated it to solder it and it can’t move. It had to be just right. You ┬ácan’t manipulate it very much after it’s soldered together so make sure it’s perfect before you make it permanent. Annealing helps things not change shape during soldering.

Chain is handmade as well. It’s a beauty. I have to take some more pics of the stone. It’s a desert drusy I purchased from Gary Wilson at the Bead and Button Show in Milwaukee.


Spoon Ring and Other Things

I am going to post the making of this Spoon Ring next week. I have enjoyed it so much and the ring is double sweet because of repurposing something old, not being used to something new that will be used and bonus (the double sweet part) it’s really beautiful!

Here is the spoon.

Again will show how to make this next week. I have several to make for a few people and it’s a fun process.

~ Turquoise Stone Necklace ~

~ Crazy Lace Agate Stone with handmade chain ~ This necklace is really beautiful. The picture does not do it justice. It’s huge for starters and the stone is very detailed. It was very hard to capture the entire piece and it’s presence in a photo. I will send this necklace to the gallery I sell in so it gets the right attention it deserves. The pictures just do not work with this piece. Yes, always struggling with pictures. Story of my life.

Riveted Sterling Leaf Earrings… Simple but Sweet. The curves on the ear wire are really nice. Having a rolling mill makes all the difference. The curves become perfect.

Everyone have an awesome day! It’s really shaping up to be a beautiful summer here! Enjoy!

Copper Bangles

Forgot to show you these! This is what you can do with a bunch of huge copper that can be purchased at your local hardware store. This is 8, 6, 4 gauge copper grounding wire (91 cents per foot) from the hardware store and some 10 gauge square copper wire from Rio Grande. I used my rolling mill to roll the wire flat, annealed, hammered, dolled up with some silver accents… and awesome, super chunky, heavy chevy, fun, mix and match bangles. I am going to blacken them all and polish up just the silver details. One of them is already blackened. You can see it in the middle of the pile. Standard Bangle of this thickness is an 8.5 inch piece of material.. a little large ladies hand is 8.75 inch and a little smaller ladies hand is 8 inch. Go ahead and make some! You need a super hot flame to heat this kind of material up. A hand held butane torch might not do it.

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