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Riveted Green Tourmaline

This specimen Green Tourmaline crystal is rough and rugged. Chain is handmade as well. I purchased a lot of interesting ‘specimen’ stones that are not polished like traditional lapidary stones and I can’t wait to show them all off in unique settings. Right now I have so many ideas I could work 18 hours a day with enthusiasm just making settings!

Here are some other beautiful stones that I made into earrings. I have several of these stone settings and the riveted ear wire is very pretty, modern and simple.

Sweet stones for summer. Gotta get back to work now… bought a ring bender from Pepe tools. I will show how it works. I was wearing out my wrists bending really thick men’s ring shanks and then hammering them into place. I won’t have to do that with this ring bending press. I will demo it after I mount it to my work bench. My wrists are looking forward to just pulling a lever instead of cranking a pliers and pounding a hammer!

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