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Art Show Dates and Classes 2015

Happy Spring!
It’s been a whirl wind here in the last month, many changes and its hard to absorb them all. Maybe next winter I can look back and remember what I was doing during April and now May. My jewelry business is growing nicely and that is all good. It has been a progression that was meant to be. I sent jewelry to a new gallery in New Orleans and that is exciting. The Thomas Mann Gallery:  I/O Gallery will now be showcasing my jewelry. That is a happy feeling. I’m ramping up for show season and can’t seem to keep a stock of inventory and that is also good. It’s good to be busy. I can’t believe my first show is in three weeks… I have a lot of work to do. It’s also my favorite show… Sturgeon Bay’s Fine Art Show Memorial Weekend in Sunset Park (Sat and Sun only.)
I redid my website completely after being coerced into it by my friend Tammy Rae. Her daughter helped me endlessly… I was very frustrated because maintaining a website is a full-time job. I wanted to be able to change my pics, change my slideshow, have a shopping cart, not lose my several domains I maintain, and do it easily with it looking nice. My other web designer was great but she can’t change things on a daily basis. I now have control over minute to minute changes. Well, all of that seemed overwhelming to conquer when I already had a website. I was sick of my old website. It needed a facelift, but I did not want to spend any time changing it or waste time making something I liked even less than what I had. So THANK YOU Kristina and Tammy! It looks amazing and was not as painful as I expected and I love it. It has a full shopping cart attached to paypal and square and I can update it whenever I want to very easily. Please visit it and check it out! I would love to hear your feedback. http://www.wildprairiesilver.com


Beautiful Bloodstone Necklace ~Sold


Pearl and Dryhead Agate Necklace available Link: http://www.wildprairiesilver.com/store/p324/Dryhead_Agate_Sterling_Silver_Pearl_Necklace.html

Other personal changes… my father in law passed away very unexpectedly a few weeks ago. He was a wonderful man. He was a father that was an example of how to live your life and love people. We will miss him greatly. His grandson spoke at his funeral and describe him as ‘warm’ and that is so right. He let you love him and he loved you back. He was a warm, loving person with a sense of humor. He was non-judgmental and rolled with the punches. I lost a Dad and a friend. His own children lost not only a father but their guide post, the foundation of their lives. We all are grateful to have loved him and we all are grateful for how he passed away… in his sleep, never sick, living and going and being right up to that moment. That is a beautiful to gift to him and a reward for the self-sacrificing life he lived. Love you Gramps.


Mother’s Twig & Vine Ring ~ This is a custom order with your choice in stones. This was made as a Mother’s Ring with her children’s birthstones. You can have your own ring made in a similar style but they will all be very different. I have made about five of these rings this month and each one is just as unique and beautiful as the next one. Link: http://www.wildprairiesilver.com/store/p181/Twig_and_Leaf_Mother%27s_Ring_Custom_Order.html 



Florida Fossilized Coral and Citrine… Handmade Chain ~ This necklace is one of the boldest necklaces I have ever made, yet there is a softness about it. If you are interested in this necklace you can send me a message or call The Flying Pig Gallery and purchase it directly from them. It is on display and for sale at The Flying Pig Gallery in Algoma WI. 920~487~9902 http://www.theflyingpig.biz


Labradorite Bullet Ring Link:http://www.wildprairiesilver.com/store/p173/Labradorite_Bullet_Ring_Sterling_Silver_Hand_Made_One_Of_A_Kind_Wild_Prairie_Silver.html



Azurite Specimen Necklace Handmade Chain Link: http://www.wildprairiesilver.com/store/p325/Azurite_Stone_Hand_Made_Chain_Sterling_Silver_Necklace_.html

Here is the show and class schedule for 2015. I am excited that I did get into the Madison Show and Wausau Art Show. Madison is terrifying me but you have to do new things, right? Why is Madison terrifying? I have a list… It’s huge, it’s a ton of over head in $$$, it’s huge, it has 200,000 people in attendance, it’s one of the top art shows in the nation, it’s huge, it’s windy, it’s huge, I will need help, I have children that are helpful ~ thank God for that, oh did I mention that it’s huge. It is on the streets surrounding Wisconsin’s Capital building so I think I will love it but I won’t know unless I try. IT’S HUGE!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk!

My jewelry classes at Peninsula School Of Art are a little goofed up in the catalog. As I type, I am reminding myself to give them a call. The three days of jewelry making where suppose to be consecutive days. You could pick and choose but not just come on Friday only and think you can make the necklace in the photo in one day. I am a little worried that I will have a class 20 people on Friday that all want to make something awesome to wear for their weekend in Door Co. in one day and that is unrealistic. We will just do what we can with what we have but Friday was only supposed to be available if you picked one of the other days or all three. So if you come Friday only and have never used a torch or a pair of pliers in your entire life we will still have you make something amazing but it won’t be what is in the photo. We will do our best though and as always in class I hold nothing back. We can take class wherever your skill level and imagination allow. All the links to show information and classes are on my website: http://www.wildprairieisilver.com http://www.wildprairiesilver.com/show-dates–classes.html

Late little note… I started posting daily pics in my workshop as they are created on Instagram. If you want to see those pics download the Instragram app (you can go to Instagram on your computer too) and type in the search wild prairie silver. The pics are fun, spontaneous eye-candy, no extra hoopla, very little text. Hopefully see you all soon on a beautiful summer day, in a park at an art show. Take Care & God Bless ~ joy


Art Show Schedule and Class Schedule
Sturgeon Bay Fine Art Show May 23rd, 24th Memorial Weekend, Sat & Sun only. Sunset Park Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin Door Co.
Art On The Square ~ Art Off The Square July 11th, 12th Madison Wisconsin, surrounds the Capital building
Bergstrom Mahler Fine Art Show ~ July 19th Sunday Only, 165 N Park St Neenah WI 10-4pm.
Art In The Park ~ Appleton Wisconsin Sunday July 26th
Artstreet ~ Green Bay Wisconsin August 28th, 29th, 30th Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday
Wausau Fine Art Show ~ Wausau Wisconsin Sept 12th, 13th
Towline Art Fair ~ Ephraim Wisconsin at The Fine Line Gallery Door Co. October 10th, 11th
Redbird Christmas Show East DePere High School Nov 28th Doors Open at 9am
September 14-18th Peninsula School of Art Fish Creek Door County
Sept 14, 15th Business Class Opening Your Etsy Shop: In this class we set up your Etsy store from start to finish. If you already have an Etsy store we make it shine. Class covers social media, SEO and other business aspects of selling your work. Two half day classes, morning
Sept 14, 15th Demo Microscopic TIG welding: Over view of new microscopic TIG welder for jewelry and mixed metal artist.
Sept 16th, 17th, 18th: Three days of making whatever jewelry piece you want from sterling silver…. come one day or come all the days… open to all skill levels.

Class, Run, Weekend, Tools….

Busy week last week… Taught class at Peninsula School of Art in Fish Creek Wisconsin. Thank you to Rick and Maryann as they drive along way and were back for a second year in a row. I hope they return next year. It’s been amazing to see what they have done in a year. Beautiful creative work ~ both of them! And thank you to Silversmith Sylvia Youell who stopped in to show us her work. She graduated from UW Madison a number of years before I was born and is still making amazing pieces of jewelry. She has a class at Peninsula School of Art first week in December and also during the summer months. Students work done in class…..


I have had a problem for years teaching class…. Students do not want to buy torches, regulators and tanks. It’s an expensive investment. Hand held butane torches I find frustrating: too small, run out of fuel, not hot enough, not adjustable enough, short life expectancy of the tool itself… (There are a lot of people that do all their work with a hand held butane torch. My hat is off to them as I do not have the patience for that kind of torch.)

Yesterday I got this in the mail from Euro Tool…. I did not have it in time for class but that is fine since I have been waiting for this for a few years. A torch that is simple, reasonably priced, interchangeable tips, easy fuel source: propane refillable tank (your gas grill tank) or propane disposable tank (little bottle of propane for a coleman camping stove). THANK YOU EuroTool!!!! I tried it out yesterday. I was impressed. It’s not as hot as propane and oxygen which I use but it gets the job done easily, quickly and the three torch heads are perfect! Four feet of hose and the torch handle swivels, very comfortable for hours of use. Yippeeee!!!!!!!!

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/163607558/copperhead-torch-propane-jewelry-torch?ref=shop_home_active


Other tools I tried out….

Power Max Full Flush Side Cutter and Euro Tool Rotary Flexible Shaft: The power max full flush side cutter I have had for a while. It is my favorite pliers. It has its’ own hanger next to my hand at my bench I use it so much. Effortless cutting with minimal distortion of  12 and 10 Gauge material ~ Nice.

The flex shaft is good quality at a reasonable price. If you are currently using a dremel this will be a nice upgrade.




Another amazing looking bug…. Walking Stick that was on my porch yesterday. What is it with the weird bug sightings? This bug was about 3 1/2 inches long and would have matched a pine tree/needles perfectly.

Side note:  ran the half marathon in Appleton Wisconsin on Sunday. It is a great course and had great cool fall weather to run in (7am 44 degrees). My sister in law ran that distance for the first time ~ 13.1 miles. Great job Jen! She has been training faithfully for at least six months. The energy at a race is so positive it’s addictive. I hope she wants to run another one.

Got to go! I have lots on my bench in the making. Show this Saturday in Fish Creek Wisconsin at The Settlement Shops ~ one day only 10-5…..



Copper Bangles

Forgot to show you these! This is what you can do with a bunch of huge copper that can be purchased at your local hardware store. This is 8, 6, 4 gauge copper grounding wire (91 cents per foot) from the hardware store and some 10 gauge square copper wire from Rio Grande. I used my rolling mill to roll the wire flat, annealed, hammered, dolled up with some silver accents… and awesome, super chunky, heavy chevy, fun, mix and match bangles. I am going to blacken them all and polish up just the silver details. One of them is already blackened. You can see it in the middle of the pile. Standard Bangle of this thickness is an 8.5 inch piece of material.. a little large ladies hand is 8.75 inch and a little smaller ladies hand is 8 inch. Go ahead and make some! You need a super hot flame to heat this kind of material up. A hand held butane torch might not do it.

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