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Race…. Show This Weekend


Hey there everyone… ran a half marathon over the weekend with my 13 year old son and it was a beautiful day. I was suppose to run the full  marathon but I was just not ready. I had a leg injury during training and even though my leg is better I was just not confident enough to run the whole thing. I have run 7 other marathons so it was not a huge disappointment and by mile 12 I knew I had made the right decision because my leg would not have held up. My sister in law, Jenny, ran the full marathon, her first one… She did amazingly well and looked like it was a walk in the park right after she finished. Good Job Jen!!!!!!!!!! It was a miserable winter to train so she really deserves a standing ovation.


This is part of the Green Bay Marathon Course… Lambeau Field, Home of the Green Bay Packers Football Team. We are in the stands waiting for Jenny to run by. This is the end of the marathon course and it’s pretty thinned out by this time, not a lot of runners bunched up. Spectators were only allowed in one end zone to cheer and take pics. That is why the stadium appears empty but it’s really not.


This is a crazy man wishing for someone to trip him while he runs…. He is carrying a Chicago Bears flag through the stadium while he finishes the race. He really is taking his life in his own hands here. Everyone boo-ed the entire time… pretty funny.


Ring made from 1815 Sterling Knife… The way it curves around your finger is just perfect. I love it. No soldering and the ring will fit almost anyone as it is just curved in a circle with my Pepe Tools ring bender.

Heading to Sturgeon Bay Door County Wisconsin this Saturday and Sunday for the Sturgeon Bay Fine Art Show. It is in Sunset Park right on the Bay of Green Bay. It is a beautiful setting, very kicked back atmosphere and one of my favorite shows of the entire year: 10-5 Sat and 10-4 Sunday Stop in and say Hello.


What the heck is this? Well, I am sitting in the back of our pickup truck with a pile of steel pipes. My husband made some new soccer goals for our County’s new soccer park: Ryan Park, Kewaunee County. We are hauling them over to the park so they can be installed. The goals are huge. Never realized how huge until I saw these pipes hanging out the back of our truck. This is our driveway and it is finally starting to green up around here after our coldest winter on record.


Oh so soft Porcelain Jasper Stone… I will be wearing this all weekend I think. The chain is really a work in itself. I handmade every single link and soldered it together. Took forever but it’s good mind numbing work.


Just a little surprise that I will have more pics of later. This is going to be a sculpture for the city of Egg Harbor. It is finished and I am taking there today and installing it. This was just the beginning of it. The ‘see through’ base is perforated stainless steel like the stuff they use in the drain for the soda machine at a gas station… That part will be lined with moss and planted with plants… More pics to come later as it put in place in Egg Harbor.


This is my new photography booth from B&H photography. I absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, it really helps take amazing pictures. I have never been disappointed with anything B&H has sent me. They are very helpful and they always include a DVD on how to’s etc….. Makes something that is difficult for me much easier….


Ok, I’m off to deliver this Egg Sculpture… I will send pics later. Hopefully see you in Sturgeon Bay over Memorial Day Weekend….

Not Jewelry Related

Did not get much jewelry made today but got my garden in. The kids love it. They plant and take care of their own stuff. I have mostly flowers but put in a salsa garden as I love fresh salsa and BLTs. I also have about 8 grape vines… TrollHogen Grapes, nice name, huh… Great snacking grape and very winter hardy as they come from Michigan. Looks like I might have lost one vine this year though. It was a really harsh winter.
We have acreage here on a small river. We thought we were crazy when we bought it but it was the best move we could have made. The county we live in has one stop light in the entire county, Kewaunee County. North of us is Door County. Door County is one of the top ten vacation spots in the entire country and top 20 vacation spots in the world. It’s a little Martha’s Vineyard…. Gorgeous. If you look at a map of the state of Wisconsin it is in the shape of a mitten. I live in the center of the thumb. Door County is the tip of the thumb. The Bay of Green Bay is on one side and Big Ol’ Lake Michigan on the other side. It’s a beautiful place to live a quiet life. In the winter, well, as my friend Maggie calls it….the white death, just put on a sweater and make something by the fire.
Tomorrow I begin a men’s custom order bracelet and a woman’s custom ordered spinner ring which I have to melt down and make a gold ingot for so I can use her gold in the design of the ring. I love doing that. It’s the ultimate in recycling.
For now I’m going to see if I can call that stupid turkey in for some corn. Cannot believe he is still hanging around. Back in the studio in the morning.


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