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Show This Weekend

Kohler Art Show this Saturday. I have never done this show before. I guess it’s swamped with people. Here are some pics of things in the making for the last few weeks….

These are some of Tammy Rae’s beads just out of the tumbler…
Here they are done….

That’s a pile of necklaces! I make the chains they are on as well. I purchase the small link chain in a spool and solder on a tiny jump ring on each end with a chain extension and a hand made clasp. It’s a nice touch instead of purchasing a pile of chains commercially made. A lot less expensive too and 14 chains took me half hour, which is quick!

This is a 40 inch handmade chain out of he tumbler. This on the other hand took a lot of time but I real enjoy making chains. Each little cup has a different detail in it.



I have about ten more one of a kind pieces done but will have to show you pics when I get back from the show. I’ll take lots of pics of the show. Suppose to be great! Wish me luck!


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