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Necklace for Lin

This is the beginning pendant for a customer who like another piece of mine but it was a little on the large size for her so she asked if I could do something similar and down size it a bit. This is the start of if. It will be prong set with the set of U shape pieces of silver you see in the photo. I cut the U shapes after they are soldered on to make the prongs.



These are my rocks. Had a good customer want a specific rock so she wanted to see them all. Here they are. Do you think I can get them all set by summer? HA HA HA HA HA, seriously that would be a great goal. I will give it my best shot but sometimes it takes a while for an idea to form for a stone that you really love, like the blackheart stone. It sat for 4 years without a plan. I am still working on that chain and will hopefully have it finished sometime on Monday. TGIF!

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