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Bead and Button Show….



Bead and Button Show was again great! It is the largest bead show in the world and gives you goosebumps when you walk in the doors for the first time. Don’t get me wrong as to it is not all fun….it is fun but a lot of work. You have to be organized and be ready to stand, haul, walk and talk for hours on end.

I want to thank Lissa from Silver Waves Jewelry for her help. It made classes absolutely great and the hauling done in half the time.

Met some great people while I was there: above picture is of Thomas Mann’s Bench Pin. I got to meet him and speak with him briefly about his sculptures in New Orleans. He has been a jeweler I have admired for years in not only his designs but the building of a company. After we spoke for a while he gave me these ‘Pocket Hearts’ which I will treasure and keep in my satchel for good luck. Thanks Thomas Mann for the talismans tokens!!!

I also met the young woman in charge of Rosy Revolver Jewelry Co. I have always admired Rosy Revolver Jewelry for it’s unexpected, bold, yet feminine style. Jessica is an amazing talent. I hope she will consider teaching at Bead and Button. She would be a great addition to the current line up of great metalsmiths at Bead and Button. Besides if she decides to teach we can get a beer together or whisky or water or whatever our tired brains can tolerate after teaching all day.

Jerry at Bead and Button: Thank You for your work. You make all the classrooms perfect. Thank You!!!!!!!! Jerry is in charge of the nuts and bolts on the classroom floor. He is great. He will never read this because he is too busy making something for next year so that we can have cool stuff in our classrooms.

Last person I would like to thank is Bret from Arrow Springs Torch Company. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bret set up some great torches for me and will supply all of my torch needs next year so I am not hauling torches. I basically haul my entire studio to Bead and Button. It’s crazy. Meeting Bret was great. I don’t have to haul my three torches, regulators, etc…. Bret is going to bring them. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I can teach a real silversmithing class with lots of torches for everyone to use. No limitations….. on fire power. Awesome. Next year we are making some real settings, a ring, a pendant and bracelet! Yippeeee!!!!!!!!


This is just one of the many stones I purchased at Bead and Button. There are about 5 companies there that supple cab stones and I get all of my stones for the year with the exception of purchasing from TheAgateWorks.etsy.com. The Agate Works is in Green Bay WI so I can visit them in person. I don’t purchase cabs online. It just doesn’t work out.


Can’t wait to set this stone. Wow…. I’m in love.


I don’t have a single picture of class. I will get on from Lissa as we took a lot pics with students, etc. Again, thank you students. Please comment on class if you can. I had a lot fun and I hope you all make and make and make and make….. See you next year at the Largest Bead Show In The World: The Bead and Button, Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Front Page! Awesome!


Ok this is really cool… I had a long day working at the hospital yesterday. It seemed like everyone had a sad story to tell and there was no hope inside of them getting better. I got home and this was in my mailbox! What a nice ‘pick me up!’ On the front cover and a nice article inside to boot! Thank you to all at Belle Armoire Magazine…sweet!




This I finished this week. It’s pretty big 2.5 inches x 2 inches….. Love it!!!!! Red Laguna Agate and Rose Cut White Topaz.

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/151521378/red-laguna-agate-stone-white-topaz


This is my favorite ring so far! I was experiment with my sterling angel wings and this is a wrap around adjustable band…. LOVE IT! Good for sizes 6 and up.

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/151522598/angel-wing-ring-sterling-handmade-wild


Azurite Specimen Stone earrings…These are super cool texture and mismatched…even more fun!

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/151521984/azurite-specimen-stone-earring-sterling


Pretty Purple hued Agua Nueva Agates, delicate and sweet!

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/151525419/agua-nueva-stone-earring-sterling-wild


Last but not least Turquoise and Coral Roman Ring…fits on two fingers… I don’t have this listed yet but will today sometime… It’s a show stopper.

Have an awesome Saturday!!!!!!!! I am going to!!!!! It’s finally a beautiful day here in Wisconsin! Been waiting for Spring and it’s finally here.


These are my rocks. Had a good customer want a specific rock so she wanted to see them all. Here they are. Do you think I can get them all set by summer? HA HA HA HA HA, seriously that would be a great goal. I will give it my best shot but sometimes it takes a while for an idea to form for a stone that you really love, like the blackheart stone. It sat for 4 years without a plan. I am still working on that chain and will hopefully have it finished sometime on Monday. TGIF!

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