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Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!

Below are pics of custom orders I made though out this season…. Above is a blue spinel, diamond, ruby 18K Gold Ring/Sterling Custom Order


Roman Glass Ring 14K Gold from clients own melted down jewelry…..


This piece is Roman Glass as well… 15 diamonds, opal, and garnet from clients own jewelry… I could not have made this piece without my diamond setting class. I would never have tackled it. Set all the stones with out any problems or headaches… thanks again Gerry Lewy.


Sentimental Choker (necklace top) sent to me via a CustomMade website customer. CustomMade.com is a really neat arts website for custom orders on almost anything. Check it out if you have never heard of it. This customer wanted this necklace re-created in sterling silver. It meant a lot to her and she became allergic to it. The clasp was her own… which I did not have from her.



This is the necklace completed… handmade chain. Center piece was 10G sterling if you can imagine that! Very heavy.


Birthstone necklace pretty simple…The A and E charms though were the customers own white gold engagement ring… the first one he bought his wife. It was sitting in her jewelry box as he upgraded her setting 7 years ago. Well I cut it in half, melted it down and made these two white gold charms from his wifes original engagement ring setting: initials of their children’s names. Hope she loves it. The birthstone pendant is husbands own design. What a thoughtful guy!


‘Get Sagged Trying,’ Surgical Hardware Necklace… this is not done yet… I have to get it to it’s owner for a race on Jan 4th… She obviously had troubles in her last race but is ready to run again wearing this as a reminder. Surgical hardware is fun to work with as it is ‘unwreckable’ I swear! It doesn’t do anything in a torch flame at all. Nothing hurts it. I am assuming it is titanium but I am not sure.


Well, here’s to next year! Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.



I have been playing around with Facebook all morning and I am going to give it up for the day. I realize Facebook is necessary for my small business as it is really inexpensive advertising and it can be fun used in the right way. (It can be evil as well and we all know that.) It is amazing how large and overwhelming computer programs/apps/interactive websites can be. Where do programmers come up with all of it. It is so layered! Computer programmers you are amazing. I also want to poke your eyes out & mine too but I keep trying to learn.

I had a relaxing weekend collaborating with Tammy Rae from Tammy Rae Glass. It was just 5 girls… we had fun. My daughter went as well. Fat Little Gretchen’s Restaurant in Waupaca Wisconsin is old school good food. Wow, I will go back just for some pie. The Wheel House is a famous place on the Chain of Lakes in Wisconsin. We went there as well for pizza and it was just like I remembered. They are a Bar, Grill, Pizza place right non the lakes. You can pull your boat up and spend the afternoon on their docks. Kudos to them they do not have a deep frier. I do not know many Bar/Grills that you cannot get an order of french fries. I’m proud of them for not caving into a deep fried appetizer menu.


Bracelet by me Glass by Tammy Rae


Kyanite Gemstone Earrings: Nice Kyanite! You cannot find Kyanite like this just anywhere. I have been playing with these pics??? Someday in a dream world I will actually be able to take a picture and know what I am doing but until then I will keep trying.


Crystal Quartz Points: Ice Cycle Earrings in a simple hinge… Made with winter in mind.


Ocean Jasper Necklace beautiful blue and already spoken for. Makes me want to put my toes in the sand on a beach somewhere….


Roman Glass Earrings… I got some more Roman Glass in. It is getting harder and harder to find good pieces of Roman Glass. I have several large cabochon pieces for my friend Ambers Ring. The pieces cost a fortune but I think they will be worth it. The glass is 2000 years old and mined in Roman when old buildings are excavated. You can get whole pieces such as plates and pitchers but they are thousands of dollars.


Cross Earrings…


This is a better picture of this ring. It’s gorgeous on and the picture still doesn’t do the stone justice.


Summertime Earrings…

It is almost noon and I have in my opinion wasted a bunch of time sitting at a computer trying to get a program to work for me, yuck.

It’s time to finish the piece I have sitting on my bench right. I can’t wait to show it to you. It’s time to design some custom pieces for customers (Roni, I am thinking of you!) It’s time to order supplies. It’s time for lunch and a cup of coffee. See you on Facebook if I can get it to work.

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