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Sheet of Silver and a Skull

Sheet of silver is spoken for with these stones…. The skull I like the best. It is carved bone and really big… Love it for the season we are in! Halloween….




The picture of my charcoal block is all of the bezels to be soldered together to fit the stones. It really gets you in a groove to do a lot of bezels all at one time. Even if you are not planning on using all the stones make a bezel anyway. Then it’s ready to go if the mood strikes you!

The sheet of silver is 6×4 inches. I order it this way because it fits into my peep tools sheer and I can cut the perfect squares out not wasting any sheet. I don’t make the final shape until the piece is almost finished. At that time it gets sawed out with a jewelers saw.

Also if you are going to hallmark the back of the silver now is the time.

Gotta get to work on all of this. Show you pics of things in progress……


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