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Coming To A Close….


Summer is coming to a close. I just hate to say that but it is. We are heading to school orientation this week and school sports start next week. My largest art show of the year is Aug 23, 24, 25th will be here in just over a week. That also is a last days of summer event. In my shop I have had a zillion things going on. I cleaned my shop which is a miracle in itself. I purchased some great new tools from a jewelry store that is closing. One of the things being  a professional jewelers bench. It is great and it is pretty. Can’t beat that! I will take some pics of my studio make over.

The stone above is the largest stone I have ever set. It’s amazing. I’m speechless holding it. I handmade the chain as well. This was very time consuming. I rolled out wire in a half round form and then made each oval link and soldering them one at a time. The chain is beautiful. It is 24 inches long which makes the pendant hang centered on your torso. It feels centering when you have it on. Gives me goosebumps. Here is the link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/159514815/chrysocolla-specimen-stone-sterling




The next pictures are of Sarah’s wedding. She is a beautiful young woman I met at Harley Davidson in Green Bay. She is getting married this friday in a barn of all places! It is a ‘wedding’ barn and very picturesque. She wanted some rustic looking hearts for her bridesmaids. These hearts have the bridesmaids parents ring fingerprints on them. All of the bridesmaids parents are still married and I had them get impressions of each of their ring fingers in a putty mold. It is a surprise which is the best part! The stone hanging from the heart is a white topaz. I decided to add that after seeing the earrings which were already purchased. The stone just added a little sparkle to match.



Amazing Mold Putty: available at craft stores and very easy to use.


These are rustic wedding bands made for another couple. They are stamped with their favorite saying to one another.


I have a pile of more to do so I will get to work and I will post a few more times before ArtStreet: Friday Aug 23 5-8 pm, Sat 10-6, Sun 10-5. I am spot #162 right on a corner by the food and music. I am a little scared of that spot. I’m going to be swamped. Here is the info for Artstreet: http://www.mosaicartsinc.org/artstreet/about.php

Here is the map of the grounds… not sure it will work on this blog as it is a pdf. We will give it a try: Artstreet Ma 162



Busy Couple Weeks…….

Working hard because there is the Sturgeon Bay Fine Art Show next weekend (25th & 26th) and the Bead and Button Show Milwaukee is the following week. The Bead & Button show is a huge tradeshow I teach at. It’s a ton of prep work but I lot fun, great people, great students, great companies, great contacts. I look forward to it all year. Tomorrow I will snap a pic of my pile of supplies I take with me…it’s crazy.

Above pic of stones is 22 stones I made bezels for today. They will be made into something before next weekend. Two of the stones on the far right have no bezels. I decided to prong set them because they are so irregular. I better order some more silver for backing these bezels. I’m going to run out for sure!

Next pic is of some hinged earrings…. I just love this style because they move so much! Great stones!


Here’s the link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/151228654/crazy-lace-agate-stone-earring-sterling

Stone and Feather

DSC_0932Stone and Feather Necklace…. made it yesterday. Stone is from another Etsy seller… here is the link:  http://www.etsy.com/shop/R2rockz 

I have gotten some really great Mammoth bone from this seller as well so check him out!



Just made these fun and ‘summer’ inspired earrings too. I just need to look at some thing colorful, fun and not too serious. They will be inexpensive little beauties that put a smile on someones face. I am working like crazy at home. Thursday a pile of things go off to the gallery I sell in here locally: The Flying Pig Gallery, http://www.theflyingpig.biz. It’s a great place. Hard to believe they are opening for summer tourism traffic and we still have ice and snow on the ground. I am ready for some warm weather. I am going to make something super colorful today just to brighten my world. Show you later! 🙂 joy

New Necklace, Charms, Booth

Andrea asked if I had a picture of my booth set up and here it is. It’s always a work in progress however. Just made some barnwood necklace displays this week to mix up with the metal. The metal was too strong…over powering. As I added some wood crates, etc… it seemed to soften it up. We will see if that works out next weekend in Appleton at Octoberfest on Sept 29th.

Just made this necklace yesterday. I had made a similar one not too long ago and it sold right away and I missed it. So, I made another version. Maybe this one will stick around awhile? Here’s the link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/109858010/feather-from-the-sky-stone-sterling

What is this? Well, remember my little Initial Charms and I was saying they are such a wonderful seller even though they are small and I forget about them sometimes. These are the corresponding birthstone charms to go with the initials. I never had them organized or make them the same. Now they are standard and I can put them online and have them at a show and it’s not a guessing game for the customer as to what it looks like. Kinda of a relief for me too. They are made and done about a zillion of them for Christmas. I just like the chart. It’s so not me. I actually made a chart. That in itself is amazing. I organized something. Whoa! Old dogs can learn new tricks.

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