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Taking To Bead and Button

Getting ready to have some show pieces at the Bead and Button Show. I leave on Wednesday to teach. It is a women’s paradise. Beads and Gemstones and Creative Classes as far as the eye can see and legs can walk… Made these next few pieces in the last few days. All of them a complete pleasure to make. It is meant to be when something come from within my mind out my hands so effortlessly.DSC_1854

Green as the Grass!!!!! Conicalcite Specimen Stone is Colorful and Textured. It’s a colorful surprise in such dark metal.

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/153035428/conicalcite-specimen-stone-sterling


This ocean beauty is a Chrysocolla Specimen Stone. It’s bright aqua color packs a punch, especially for summer time.

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/153036601/chrysocolla-specimen-stone-sterling


This is a force to be reckoned with. This pendant is almost 4 inches long. It’s one of the largest necklaces I have ever made. The leather cord is as thick as my pinky finger. The end to the cording is handmade by me as well. It’s a statement piece for sure.

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/153032490/garnet-specimen-stone-sterling-silver




Wild Prairie still wild…. Love Spring.

Skull Ring Creepy


Happy Halloween! This is a carved bone skull I purchased at a gem show. I just loved it when I saw it and knew it had to be made into something dramatic. Well, smile away creepy little skull! You made a pretty awesomely huge ring…. you handsome fella you! Great Biker jewelry or Gothic style. I just happen to like skulls in general being a nurse and all….


Online link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/111859546/skull-ring-sterling-silver-adjustable


Well, Summer sure is busy and it’s wearing me out! Whew! Kids, Family, Soccer, Shows, Business, Yard, Garden, Sleep.

Last weekend had a torch demo at The Flying Pig Gallery and an Art Show in Appleton.

At the gallery: It was a great beautiful day full of artists working in the gardens. A group of people came by and bought a whole bunch of art from inside and the huge 2 story stainless steel vase of flowers sculpture that was outside. I have this sculpture posted on my blog a few months back in the beginning of summer. Can you say WOW! It was a group of people from a company looking to decorate their campus and support Art. Well, thanks and too cool! You made a lot of people’s day and maybe year!

Sunday Art In The Park was a great show. I have never done it before and it was very busy from the time I drove up. My family helped me tear down and I was home in time for soccer…. all was well. Thanks again Appleton for  the great crowd and happy people. Met new customers and got to see my favorite customers that are gracious enough to stop and say hi. My inventory is really low. Yiiiiipes …. got a month before ArtStreet in Green Bay which usually cleans me out completely. How am I going to make enough? This happens every summer. You would think I would stock up in the winter but I never seem to have enough.

New Goal: Have an abundance of jewelry in March. So much jewelry I am afraid of having it all. Whenever my jewelry cases start to over flow I get scared of having too much and now here I am in busy summer with not enough. Same old story for years now. I have got to plan ahead.

Next pics are of some Sea Urchin Spines… Well, I just love them. I will have many things to make from these colorful interesting little stone pencil shapes.

Here is a linked chain I made while demoing in the gardens at The Flying Pig Gallery. It’s not finished yet…. rough stage. I have made this chain before with 18K Gold pins going through it and it’s stunning. Just did not have any 18K Gold for the demo.

Last but not least a Kyanite Necklace that is a series of these Necklaces made with these Kyanite shards. They are almost tribal/modern looking. Love the blue.

I have five of these necklaces are similar but different. Here is the link to this necklace: https://www.etsy.com/listing/105900184/kyanite-stone-sterling-necklace-one-of-a

Going to go make something out of those cool urchin spins now 🙂

Was Lame Couldn’t Stand It

I made this Lucky Penny Necklace and it’s pictured in a previous post from this week. I liked it because I wanted to be able to wear the penny… it just was not me. It was lame. Lame and plain and boring and I couldn’t take it anymore. Even though I have a show on Sunday I spent last night making something for myself which is just plain crazy. You don’t run a business making things for yourself…or a successful business. So, there I was anyway making this Luck Talisman for myself. Like I said before Could Not Stand It. Much better now!

Hope you enjoy it more now too!

Here is the link on etsy just in case you want your own Luck Talisman: https://www.etsy.com/listing/105472920/luck-talisman-necklace-sterling-stone

Pencil Coral


Pencil Coral Fossil Earrings Made this morning! Over 3 inches long, fun. They look like little sculptures in your ears. Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/105150271/pencil-coral-fossil-stone-sterling



Roni’s pendant is finished. These pictures are not that great because I did not spend a lot of time on taking them but wanted to post them. Why? Well this is recycling at it’s best! The customer had the stone… The customer had a gold bracelet she never wore. I made her something she will wear from what was lying around in her jewelry box. It saved her money…. and made me money. It’s a win + win.

Stacking Rings and Things….

Sculpture Rings Stacking Bands…. had a favorite customer of mine wondering where my stacking rings went too at my last show (had a bunch last year with gemstones in them)… I told her, ‘I have them! They just are not done.’ Well, now they are done! Take a look.

Garnet in Shist Ring: Modern for Guy or Girl

Last but not least… ‘My Lucky Penny’ pendant. I made this for myself. I found the penny one day on the ground. My husband was standing next to me and I said, ‘Hey, it’s from 1959.’ He said, ‘Hey, that’s the year I was born. That IS your lucky penny.’ We both laughed at his sarcasm! Because he said it in such a devilish way. Ever since I have had the penny in my jewelry box and decided to do something about it. I can now wear it and might even spice it up a bit with some other charms… We will see. If you want a Lucky Penny Pendant just send me your penny!

Also Roni’s pendant is done. The 14K gold accents are perfect. Get a picture up tomorrow night. Made some fossilized earrings that are very cool so those are to come next. Got a show on Sunday: Art In The Park in Appleton WI. Saturday is a torch demo at The Flying Pig Gallery. They are have a Plein Air event. Come to either if you can! I gotta go to bed…. jeez way past my bedtime.


Matthew and Marley

Made a custom necklace and tags for two young people killed during gang violence in Charleston SC: Matthew and Marley. The dates of their death is on the back of tag. I added a garnet gemstone and a moonstone gemstone to the end of the chain for blood shed and tears shed. I cannot imagine losing my own children to such senselessness.

Whenever I talk to family and make tags like these I just thank God for my good fortune and my healthy family. No news is good news. I remind myself to be thankful each day ~ for the day I had and hopefully the day to follow. We are always making busy plans taking for granted that tomorrow will be there.

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