It’s a hot, rainy, humid summer and everything is growing wild.  The natural prairie that surrounds me is in full bloom. By the end of July and into August that prairie usually is dry, crunchy and brown but not this summer. It’s green and full of life. Every square inch of it has something living on it: flowers, weeds, butterflies, grasshoppers, ants, toads…Absolutely Beautiful! This is where I live on a Wild Prairie.  So, here I am trying to share with you a small piece of my business and what I am up to and how I make things.

 I love metal. I am also a bit of a pyromaniac. These two traits make a metalsmith.

I really never stop thinking about it. I even dream about it.

I make jewelry from silver, gold, copper and bronze. Now and again I get into some large piece with steel or stainless steel.

I love tools. Especially hammers. I love how a hammer can change a piece of metal into anything really, moving molecules one hammer blow at a time. I hope I get to work for a long time ~ until I am very old. I have a lot to learn.








11 responses to “About

  • Tia

    Hi I saw your husband made your hydraulic press. I’m sure it was much cheaper than buying one. Does he have the instructions on how to do this? I’m sure my brother could put me one together with some instructions. I am on a budget and can’t fork over the money for a Potter or Bonny Doon. I love your blog and all the interesting things that you make. You are very creative.

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      I will get back to you with some instructions. My husband just did it without any blueprints. Susan Kinsley has actual blueprints for a homemade press and I will dig those up and see where you can get a copy. Be in touch soon.

  • Lisa

    I was just at you booth at Bead and Button. Loved your work and display. I came home to tell my husband about the cool way you displayed your work. He asked why I didn’t take a picture? Da. Can you tell me where you got them and or can you take a picture, if willing. Thanks Much

  • Wild Prairie Silver

    My display is completely handmade by me. Even my iron stands and my sign, etc…. Get your craft on and make some stuff up in the garage. It’s ever changing and evolving. I do not ever have the same display every year or even every show. I’m always thinking about it!

  • inspiredbysusiec

    Started following your blog, fab blog! I too am a silversmith/metalsmith….still learning though, but love to share in my blog!

  • Jess Wolf

    I am looking for some one to make some jewelry out of my grandmothers silverware. Not sure if you would be interested or know someone who would.

  • Jeffrey Herman

    Hello Joy,

    I read your blog and saw mention of the PUK. You may want to redirect those interested in the welder to this address: http://www.silversmithing.com/puk.htm.
    Best regards, and feel free to contact me should you run into problems.

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Jeff– thank you so much for your response and offer of help. I probably would not have been bold enough to just contact you off the cuff… I’m very nervous about this purchase and being able to use it without help/instruction. So thanks and yes, I will ask you for some advise/instruction–I’m sure I’ll need it. 🙂 joy

  • Jeff

    Have you given up doing blogs? I really miss them . I look for them at least three times each week. Please don’t stop, your jewelry is beautiful ,you have a very special gift. Thanks for sharing

    • Wild Prairie Silver

      Hi there 🙂 🙂 🙂 You are making smile from ear to ear because someone actually reads my blog!!!! 🙂 I have not given up my blog and with your inspiration I will write a nice lengthy blog post tomorrow. I do like my blog and it’s fun to share and get responses and I have been making and creating new things and it’s great! I have started posting daily pics from my workbench on Instagram as I make things and then the final project. That is like a mini-blog of daily work and that has been substituting for my formal blog time. If you use Instagram you can search WildPrairieSilver and find me. If you don’t know what Instagram is- it’s a mini running blog of photos…very little text and you can comment. It’s kinda nice if you want to view certain peoples random art and pretties… Any how, thank you!!!!!!!! and I will share a post tomorrow 🙂 🙂 🙂 joy

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