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Summer Is Finally Here

Just got back from my daughter, Savannah, High School class trip to Washington DC. It was a 16 hour bus ride one way and it was worth it. What a beautiful city full of amazing museums & monuments. I am a history, science geek so I could have stayed in one museum for a week but we covered miles of ground in just a few days. The HOPE Diamond is amazing… of course I went to see that and the Hall Of Gems in the Museum Of Natural History. This is my daughter and myself at the Lincoln Monument.

Sorry I have not blogged in a while. I have moved most of my commentary to http://www.instagram.com/wildprairiesilver   

If you do not use Instagram it’s very fun. I think it’s like a magazine you design yourself. I will try and continue to post on here once in a while and keep ya updated. My show schedule (click this link) is on my website for the summer. My next show is July 21st & 22nd in Sheboygan Wisconsin.. Kohler Art Fair, space #106

Tomorrow.. I teach this class at Peninsula School Of Art in Fish Creek Door County. I do not usually teach. I like it/enjoy it but I do not have time. Why this earring???? We use several tools… rolling mill & hydraulic press, beginning soldering, and beginning wire wrapping. I think there is one more open spot in the class. Again tomorrow Fish Creek Door Co WI Peninsula School Of Art 9-4pm

Other classes ~ We are excited to say that Richard Salley is making a pit stop in my teeny tiny town. July 17th, 18th (Tuesday & Wednesday) He will be teaching the above two classes. They are pretty much full, but might be able to take on one person in each class. Main issue is that it is in Casco Wisconsin. No hotel (or anything else) – nearest hotel 15 miles away or more… Algoma, Sturgeon Bay, Kewaunee have hotels. It is NOT at my studio. My studio fits one person in it. (It is in my basement and it is an underwhelming place to visit.) If you would like to take one of these classes, please text Wild Prairie’s Phone at 920-365-6341 and we will let ya know if they are available. $275… need to be able to solder a bezel and saw out a shape before you come to class. I will be there to help out if you’re a newbie. Again space is available for one person, already almost full.

We have done about one or two diamond ring restyles a month. The above two photos are of peoples diamonds they wanted redone into something else. It’s been super fun. The budget for this completely varies depending on what you want and the amount of gold you want to use. All of them turn out a little different than the next. email if you are interested 🙂 joy@joykruse.com

White Sapphire & Faceted Moonstone Necklace… This is currently at J Jeffery Jewelers in Fish Creek Door County Wisconsin. We made this for the Royal Wedding but ya know the Queen just never called? We are still perplexed as to why she does know us. 🙂 🙂 🙂 And the Bride! She wasn’t even wearing a necklace! Talk about missed opportunity on their part. (Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!)

Diamond Necklace & Pebble Ring 

We created another website for stone lovers. I have had a supply site for years on Etsy called MidnightinSavannah.Etsy.com. I wanted to have a site that was not controlled by another company. (I had an ecommerce site go out of business and take all my business with it- yikes!) So, we made a new site that is not owned by another vendor for our stones and supplies: SavannahJewelrySupply.com 

On June 21st at 9am Central time we will have a huge sale via Instagram for stones that I have hand picked. The instagram site is @savannahjewelrysupply  We post the stone parcels and they all have a name. You just text us the name of the parcel you want ~ Studio Phone # 920-365-6341. We let ya know if it’s available or already gone. You send us your PayPal email and we invoice you for your stones. If you want more than one parcel we make a pile for you & invoice you when the sale is over. If you are out of the country then DM us on Instagram. US shipping is $5 & overseas shipping is $12.

Amazonite Earrings 

Carnelian Turquoise Ring 

Awesome goodies from Bead and Button Show! Some of these will be for sale in our stone sale June 21st ~ It is held on Instagram @SavannahJewelrySupply  

We will have a large selection of faceted freeform gems as well on that day: Prehnite, Carnelian, Labradorite, Amethyst, Moonstone, Yellow Opal, Variscite, Amazonite, Chrysophrase, Pink Opal. Text to purchase right from the photo 920-365-6341

Moving up & moving out 🙂 🙂 🙂  If you have ever been to my studio, you know I work in my basement. It’s finally time for a new studio. Financially, it’s not worth it (my basement is ok) however, I plan to work until I am dead so I have to move above ground just for moral. It won’t be amazing like the pinterest photos of studios (it will be a garage with a lot of windows) but it will be amazing to me as it will be above ground with a spectacular view the sun setting on my wild prairie. I can’t wait to just pour some concrete and stand on it…soon… 🙂 🙂 🙂 I will have a Christmas Open House in the new studio and you’re invited.

Peace to all ~ Hope to see you at a show ~ Happy Summer ~ joy 🙂

New Piece


Just made this piece on Thursday. It was really fun. I was like a kid in a candy store to make a new piece…so much more to come! Also made an 18K Gold White Topaz Engagement Ring. Making Gold Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands is really going to be a new direction for me. It means a lot to me as well to have those pieces of jewelry out there in the world made for such a special reason.

Link to necklace: https://www.etsy.com/listing/176076374/sterling-silver-agate-pearl-necklace-one?

Freshwater Pearls are lavender in color 4.5mm and 3mm. Laguna agate stone. 20 inch adjustable sterling silver chain. Titled: ‘My Shining Light’

IMG_1463 DSC_0022


Booking new shows for summer already! It is hard to believe March 9th will be the first show. It will be here fast! In the mean time I started training for my 8th marathon. This is a big undertaking but it’s worth it. Wish the weather would cut me some slack. It’s hard to run in slush and it’s hard to run in -0 temps….any temp above 10 degrees is fine… so come on Mother Nature and give me a week of goodness & sunshine.

Much more new things to come and some new shop tools as well.

Taking To Bead and Button

Getting ready to have some show pieces at the Bead and Button Show. I leave on Wednesday to teach. It is a women’s paradise. Beads and Gemstones and Creative Classes as far as the eye can see and legs can walk… Made these next few pieces in the last few days. All of them a complete pleasure to make. It is meant to be when something come from within my mind out my hands so effortlessly.DSC_1854

Green as the Grass!!!!! Conicalcite Specimen Stone is Colorful and Textured. It’s a colorful surprise in such dark metal.

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/153035428/conicalcite-specimen-stone-sterling


This ocean beauty is a Chrysocolla Specimen Stone. It’s bright aqua color packs a punch, especially for summer time.

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/153036601/chrysocolla-specimen-stone-sterling


This is a force to be reckoned with. This pendant is almost 4 inches long. It’s one of the largest necklaces I have ever made. The leather cord is as thick as my pinky finger. The end to the cording is handmade by me as well. It’s a statement piece for sure.

Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/153032490/garnet-specimen-stone-sterling-silver




Wild Prairie still wild…. Love Spring.

Skull Ring Creepy


Happy Halloween! This is a carved bone skull I purchased at a gem show. I just loved it when I saw it and knew it had to be made into something dramatic. Well, smile away creepy little skull! You made a pretty awesomely huge ring…. you handsome fella you! Great Biker jewelry or Gothic style. I just happen to like skulls in general being a nurse and all….


Online link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/111859546/skull-ring-sterling-silver-adjustable

Thank You Again Appleton

Had Octoberfest in Appleton Wisconsin this weekend. Have never done that show before and it’s not an Art show. It’s a music festival with some booths at it…..and lots of beer. I get a little nervous about the beer factor. It makes for a tough crowd. At an Artshow people are polite and calm and interested in what you do. At a music festival the general population that’s drinking can start to get a little rough on the merchandise. It’s entertaining to watch unless they pick up a stone necklace and drop it. So, Katie and I had to be on our toes watching everything and everyone like hawks.

It was all good though and a beautiful day. A man becoming one of my best and favorite customers bought the following piece. Thanks Bob! You flatter me! The piece is perfect for him.


I don’t have a show now until November. So it will be nice to create for the next 6 weeks. I’ll be able to post some how to things on here too.

Thanks again Appleton….see you next year at Octoberfest.

Red Sonora Sunrise Stone & Sea Urchins


Just made this week: Modern Kinetic Necklace: Interesting, Moving, Colorful, Sculptural….Really Fun to make!

Here is the link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/106596858/sonora-sunrise-stone-necklace-sterling

Also Sea Urchin Spine Fossil Necklace: No Sea Urchins Were Harmed In The Making Of This Necklace…. Spines are found washed up on the beach as fossils.

I have several of these Spine Fossils…Big and Small with Color and Texture. I don’t think they will sell well online because the picture does not do them justice. When you hold it in your hand they are amazing! The Spine is like a stone pencil.

Last picture is of my letter charms. I make the letters of the alphabet for initials and often add birthstones for ‘Mother’s’ necklace, etc… Well I make them out of fine silver, a product called PMC. I make about 20 of each letter at a time, except X,Y, Z, U and W – I only make a couple of those. Here they are… 300 letters in a dish. I have to solder closed every single jump ring. Happy soldering!!!!! Good thing I love it! It’s hypnotic for me.


Isn’t fine silver pretty…. so white! These are not even close to being done after I solder all the rings closed… They have to be darkened  so you can see the letters, tumbled in grit for a few hours so you get a high definition to the raised area and then tumbled in stainless steel shot overnight to get this high shine back again with the letters being dark. Wow, huh!

The Business End of Things: Why do I make these??? They are not ‘Art’and I love making what I want to make….WELL…..People really love them. (I love people – nurse, remember.) They are sentimental and a price that is a gift giving price (20$ each with birthstone.) These will be almost all gone by Christmas. It takes me one day to make them…the entire day: 300×20$= you do the math. Gotta stay in business not only making what I want to make but providing a product that is quality handmade, affordable, and sentimental. That’s jewelry  and business, and customer service all in one simply sweet item.

Everyone have a great weekend. Two weeks to ArtStreet!



Well, Summer sure is busy and it’s wearing me out! Whew! Kids, Family, Soccer, Shows, Business, Yard, Garden, Sleep.

Last weekend had a torch demo at The Flying Pig Gallery and an Art Show in Appleton.

At the gallery: It was a great beautiful day full of artists working in the gardens. A group of people came by and bought a whole bunch of art from inside and the huge 2 story stainless steel vase of flowers sculpture that was outside. I have this sculpture posted on my blog a few months back in the beginning of summer. Can you say WOW! It was a group of people from a company looking to decorate their campus and support Art. Well, thanks and too cool! You made a lot of people’s day and maybe year!

Sunday Art In The Park was a great show. I have never done it before and it was very busy from the time I drove up. My family helped me tear down and I was home in time for soccer…. all was well. Thanks again Appleton for  the great crowd and happy people. Met new customers and got to see my favorite customers that are gracious enough to stop and say hi. My inventory is really low. Yiiiiipes …. got a month before ArtStreet in Green Bay which usually cleans me out completely. How am I going to make enough? This happens every summer. You would think I would stock up in the winter but I never seem to have enough.

New Goal: Have an abundance of jewelry in March. So much jewelry I am afraid of having it all. Whenever my jewelry cases start to over flow I get scared of having too much and now here I am in busy summer with not enough. Same old story for years now. I have got to plan ahead.

Next pics are of some Sea Urchin Spines… Well, I just love them. I will have many things to make from these colorful interesting little stone pencil shapes.

Here is a linked chain I made while demoing in the gardens at The Flying Pig Gallery. It’s not finished yet…. rough stage. I have made this chain before with 18K Gold pins going through it and it’s stunning. Just did not have any 18K Gold for the demo.

Last but not least a Kyanite Necklace that is a series of these Necklaces made with these Kyanite shards. They are almost tribal/modern looking. Love the blue.

I have five of these necklaces are similar but different. Here is the link to this necklace: https://www.etsy.com/listing/105900184/kyanite-stone-sterling-necklace-one-of-a

Going to go make something out of those cool urchin spins now 🙂

Was Lame Couldn’t Stand It

I made this Lucky Penny Necklace and it’s pictured in a previous post from this week. I liked it because I wanted to be able to wear the penny… it just was not me. It was lame. Lame and plain and boring and I couldn’t take it anymore. Even though I have a show on Sunday I spent last night making something for myself which is just plain crazy. You don’t run a business making things for yourself…or a successful business. So, there I was anyway making this Luck Talisman for myself. Like I said before Could Not Stand It. Much better now!

Hope you enjoy it more now too!

Here is the link on etsy just in case you want your own Luck Talisman: https://www.etsy.com/listing/105472920/luck-talisman-necklace-sterling-stone

Pencil Coral


Pencil Coral Fossil Earrings Made this morning! Over 3 inches long, fun. They look like little sculptures in your ears. Link: https://www.etsy.com/listing/105150271/pencil-coral-fossil-stone-sterling



Roni’s pendant is finished. These pictures are not that great because I did not spend a lot of time on taking them but wanted to post them. Why? Well this is recycling at it’s best! The customer had the stone… The customer had a gold bracelet she never wore. I made her something she will wear from what was lying around in her jewelry box. It saved her money…. and made me money. It’s a win + win.

Stacking Rings and Things….

Sculpture Rings Stacking Bands…. had a favorite customer of mine wondering where my stacking rings went too at my last show (had a bunch last year with gemstones in them)… I told her, ‘I have them! They just are not done.’ Well, now they are done! Take a look.

Garnet in Shist Ring: Modern for Guy or Girl

Last but not least… ‘My Lucky Penny’ pendant. I made this for myself. I found the penny one day on the ground. My husband was standing next to me and I said, ‘Hey, it’s from 1959.’ He said, ‘Hey, that’s the year I was born. That IS your lucky penny.’ We both laughed at his sarcasm! Because he said it in such a devilish way. Ever since I have had the penny in my jewelry box and decided to do something about it. I can now wear it and might even spice it up a bit with some other charms… We will see. If you want a Lucky Penny Pendant just send me your penny!

Also Roni’s pendant is done. The 14K gold accents are perfect. Get a picture up tomorrow night. Made some fossilized earrings that are very cool so those are to come next. Got a show on Sunday: Art In The Park in Appleton WI. Saturday is a torch demo at The Flying Pig Gallery. They are have a Plein Air event. Come to either if you can! I gotta go to bed…. jeez way past my bedtime.


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